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Autograph Black Amber Eau de Parfum review

I am a perfume person and yet sometimes it becomes so difficult to find the best perfume for yourself .Of course I do the routine testing of applying and leaving on for 1-2 hours and then seeing whether the base notes still appeal to me , but still it is more of a gamble sometimes .Some perfumes become much more powerful in the hot summer weather while in winters they remain dainty .
So today I am going to share the review of a perfume which I have been using for sometime now and feel is the perfect one for me .

Price - About  Rs 2000/- for 40 ml 

Packaging - It comes in a classy small black glass bottle with a spray and a black plastic cap bearing the name"Autograph".A no fuss , simple presentation which appeals to me. To enhance the feminine element it has few silver chains danglng down the neck of the bottle .

 My Experience with Autograph Black Amber Eau de Parfum
1. The packaging  is functional ,chic and easy to carry when travelling The pump works very well.
2. The smell…

June 2015 FabBag contents

Hi Lovely Ladies !
Its time to review the June 2015 FabBag for all of you .I received it a little late this time so I haven't really tried the contents long enough to give you a review or feedback but I shall share the contents nevertheless .
The theme for this month's fabbag was " Take Charge " and so the pouch this month was a dark purplish bordering on black , roomy pouch which screamed "Power " to me .
So full marks for the pouch and its colour .

I received the following items as per the indications I had provided in their questionnaire ;
1. Ananda in the Himalayas light moisturizer for Oily skin ( Rs 1350/- for 50 gms ) - I received a sample size and I have already heard praises for this particular brand so I would love to try this out . It contains Juniper and holy basil and is parabens free .I have oily skin and so this should be perfect for me .

2. Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist with SPF 25( Rs 400 for 50 ml ) - I got the 50 ml full size bot…

From #DrearyDad to #DandyDad

Dads ... they are Oh so Special !Always there for you since the the day you were born ...
In my earlier post here ,I reminisced about a few memories of my childhood with my Dad .

I remember wearing his only jacket all by myself  when I was a little less than four years old and it hung all the way to my feet and my Father found it so cute that he took a picture and captured that moment for ever .So this proves that I was always interested in my Papa 's wardrobe ever since I could not even speak the word "wardrobe " properly .

Today thanks to Jabong and their Father's day #DandyDad contest , I get to choose a wardrobe and design a look for my Father .

As you might have gathered from the title of my post , my Father ,was a very conservative dresser .His wardrobe had  select colours and styles and even though seasons changed ,my Father's wardrobe retained its old hues of greys and whites .

Since my father came from a humble background , simplicity had always been in…

From Smelly Home to a Smiling Home

Mrs. Sharma was very excited .She was going to visit her only son ,Rahul  who lived and worked in gurgaon .Actually her best friend Mrs. Verma had suggested a marriage proposal for Rahul and the girl and her family were coming to visit and meet Rahul and his family in Gurgaon.Everything seemed perfect and Mrs Sharma felt that the match would definitely click .She had seen the photographs of the girl and already liked her .It was Saturday today and Rahul should be home and this should give her enough time to prepare for the girl's family's visit which was due  on Sunday .
Mrs. Sharma pressed the call bell and waited with a wide smile plastered on her wrinkled face. After waiting for about 2-3 minutes she again pressed the bell , but there was no response from inside .Worried she called her son on his cellphone to check about his well being .He said he was very much all right and inside the house and was coming to open the door .
The wide smile of anticipation vanished from Mrs…

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get @ #LufthansaPremiumEconomy

One of my friends was quite amused by a T.V. commercial for ,which goes by "Aur Dikhao (show me some  more  ) .She asked me why would one  go through so many items when just needed just one basic piece to fit your requirement ?

The answer is not that simple ,specially if you are not an Indian .But this trait is not just limited to the Indian species .According to an African Proverb ,"If you have not been to two different bazaars, then you do not know what the best value is !"

But we Indians take the cake and have perfected this trait into an art form when it comes to getting the best value for our money .I can give so many instances when we pinch a penny to save a dollar or to say it in  Indian currency , we pinch a paisa to save a Rupee !

My mother, the tough negotiator that she is , would always ensure that once the grocery shopping is done and payment is made ,extra nimbu-dhania-mirchi (lemon-coriander-chillies ) are always added to the basket at no extra …

How to save more money, when ordering a takeaway?

Save More On Food By Ordering Them Online  !!!
Life has become too busy at present that people hardly finds time to spend quality time with their family. And, if you are a working woman, then you will be more like a busy bee in the town, humming from one place to another, finishing off your work. You cannot be blamed if you feel lazy to cook once a month. But, going out and having a lunch or dinner with family has become very expensive these days that you might opt to cook ‘something’ rather than going out. Online food ordering websites comes in favor at such situations. Are you aware of these online foods ordering websites? If not, they are nothing but websites that has a list of restaurants and their menus displayed. All you need is to select your area and your choice of restaurant from the listed ones in your area. Now make your preferences for the list of dishes you would like to have. Use food coupons from the particular website while checking out and avail maximum discount on your…

Radiant skin with VICCO Turmeric Cream

Turmeric (Curcuma longa )also known as 'haldi', is one of India’s most widely used spices. It imparts a  distinctly earthy, mildly bitter, slightly hot flavor and a mustardy smell.It not only adds abright yellow  colour and an astringent  taste to our food but also has been used as a cosmetic since time immemorial .Because of its cosmetic significance and antibacterial properties ,turmeric  has also become a part of our rituals. It is regularly used for tilak (smearing the forehead for religious purposes ) and other religious procedures as it is considered a purifier .The most important one being the ''Haldi" ceremony where a paste  made of turmeric, sandalwood and herbs  is applied to the bride and the groom’s whole body as part of their marriage preparations .I guess ancient people did this to get rid of bacterial infection s before the bride and groom embarked onto a conjugal journey . That is why till today marriage of a girl is still referred to as "Hat…

You don't need reasons to #HugYourDad

Ask any woman, irrespective of her age, about the most important and most wonderful man in her life and invariably the answer would be ,"My Dad !". We all remain Daddy's girls through out our lives .My Dad was the first man in my life who took me in his arms .The first man that I always looked up to when in distress or just out of admiration for him.

I did not have a brother and for many years till I got one ,my Father asked me to tie a Rakhi on his wrist so that I never felt left out when other girls flaunted the colourful  Rakhis they brought for their brothers and later the gifts they received from their brothers .So in a way ,my Father also was my elder brother for quite some time !

He was my first teacher . From holding my hands when I started learing to walk to shield me from falls to teaching me my first alphabets .He was my first (and though strict ) but the most sincere teacher I ever had  .He loved teaching so much that when I once approached him to explain a …

Turning Eighteen !

It was Rithik 's Eighteenth birthday and everybody was very excited .There was going to be a grand birthday bash for the brand new  adult in the household and Mom ,Dad and Di (elder sister) were busy checking that everything was going as per the plan .Oblivious to it all , Rithik sat in his room listening to his favourite Pop star Anoushka .His room was just like any other teenager's room .The walls were chock -a-block with posters of his heroes  Hrithik , Allu Arjun ,Anoushka and Roger Federer .The wardrobe was half open with a few clothes lounging on the bed too.
   Today was a special day for Hrithik , two of his favourite artists were going to perform in town .Yes ,Allu Arjun and Anoushka were coming to perform in Bangalore .How he had waited for this day !He and his friends had made plans to attend the live concert tonight .It was going to be a rocking show and a huge crowd was expected to turn up .Now all he needed was permission from his parents to attend the show .He …

Chambor Geneva Fragrance Mist in Tender Tuberose Review

As mentioned in my earlier post  here , I had received a sample of .Chambor Fragrance Mist Tender Tuberose in my April 2015 FabBag .Mine was a 10 ml sample  which I shall review today .

Price - Rs 595 /- for 200 ml , you can buy it here  and at Chambor stores .

What Chambor Geneva says about this  -Fall in love with this heady blend of enticing notes that take you to the lands laden with the exotic scents of tuberose. Impeccably created for you to experience the dew drenched freshness in every spray.

Presentation - I love the packaaging, the original one comes in a cute green bottle with a with tuberoses printed all over it and a spray nozzle .Over all it comes in a pretty attractive packing .

My take on Chambor Geneva Fragrance Mist in Tender Tuberose
1. It does straight away strike me as tuberose the moment I spray it on .It has a fresh  green and floral fragrance , but not overtly sweet .So nice for summers .
2. It lasts about 1- 1.5 hours on me .That is a big con since it is anyways …

May 2015 FabBag Contents and mini reviews

Hi Beauties !
The FabBag was again delayed this month  so I am a little late for reviewing it for you girls . I have also been facing  a lot of  issues with the delivery of some of the products on offer that I had ordered from their website .I guess I am going to try some other beauty bag now .But without any further delays I shall review the May FabBag right away for you first .
Keeping the summers in view this one has been called the " Beach Bag ".You can see the blue and white striped bag actually looks like a beach bag too and it was stuffed with  beach essentials .

                                        Contents of the May 2015 FabBag 

1 . Be a Bomshell the One stick in Flustered ( Rs 1300 for 7.3 gms ) 

     I received a full sized product of this One Stick . you can find the detailed review here .
2. Vana Vidhi Oriental Rice Paddy face and Body Scrub (Rs 1599/- for 150gms ) - I received a full size bottle of 150gms .This scrub is actually quite good . I would not use …

Be a BombShell the One stick in Flustered review

Hi Pretties !
Recently received this stick - Be a Bomshell in the shade named Flustered (why on earth would someone name a multi-tasking lipstick so when there are so many wonderfully descriptive names in this world !). So without much ado I am going to share my experience with this One stick .

Price -Rs 1300/-  for 7.3 gms 

About Be a Bomshell -Be A Bombshell Cosmetics was started in 2011 byTonya Thompson, a makeup fanatic. According to her ,"At Bombshell headquarters, we believe that every woman should be a Bombshell! We believe that every woman is beautiful regardless of size, shape, or skin tone. We all have our flaws. Our goal is to accentuate what you do have and to make you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. I promise you none of us wake up glamorous in the morning, but a little make-up goes a long way!"

PROS of Be a BombShell the One stick in Flustered
1. Packed with colour , so little quantity is enough to give decent colour .
2. One stick , the…