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Nappy Basics for new Moms

Your little bundle of joy is probably the most precious and magical thing that happened to you .But taking care of the delicate baby can be intimidating for the uninitiated . Your newborn will pass stools several times a day and pee every few hours. The wetness doesn't bother most babies though since they have been in the warm and moist atmosphere of the mother's womb for nine months , so don't expect the baby to cry or show discomfort every time she needs changing. Disposable nappies absorb moisture particularly well, so you may not always be able to gauge their wetness until they're soaked. It is advisable to check for wetness every couple of hours by testing with a clean finger. Nowadays disposable nappies for young babies have a wetness indicator on them. This is a line that changes colour if the nappy is wet. This is a handy indicator  to tell if it's time for a diaper change. There are old grandma aruguments in support of using cloth nappies , like

My take on the #Zenfone 2 #Zenlooks Contest

You all must be aware of the brand name ASUS  which has a  product portfolio that includes notebooks, motherboards, graphics cards, optical drives, LCD monitors, information appliances, desktop PCs and PC components, servers, wireless solutions, mobile phones, handhelds, digital home solutions etc. The name ASUS has an interesting origin , it is derived  from the last four letters of Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology that represents the inspiration of art and learning. They have been  delivering gadgets empowered with green technology taht has a minimal effect on our planet and its resources. Asus has been known to infuse functionality with great aesthetics too hence the name Zenfone( Zen stands for a sect of Buddhism which emphasizes the value of meditation and intuition in life ) for their smartphones . Their Zenfone 2 has already been a hot seller but to add that touch of individuality , ASUS is launching a contest - the #Zenlook #contest where you create Zenlooks

Studiowest Pure Passion Long Lasting lipstick - Passionate Plum

Hi Girls ! I am back with a review of a much awaited brand of lipstick - Studiowest .Studiowest (Tata Westside venture ) has recently launched their very own range of cosmetics and I wanted to grab one of their long lasting lipsticks . I liked the range , they have browns, reds, corals and mauves .Suitable to our Indian skin tones . More about the review now...              Price -- Rs 450/- for 3.5 gms                          PROS of  Studiowest Pure Passion Long Lasting lipstick - Passionate Plum  Affordable for a long lasting lipstick . It has a texture which is comfortable , does not make my lips sticky or stretchy .Of course it is a good idea to use a lip balm beneath since long lasting lipsticks are drying . Beautiful purplish-mauve colour in single swipe . Suits medium to dusky complexion very well . Lasts for 3-4 hours with light snacking and drinking . The black  plastic case is sturdy and shuts with a click , so less chances of the ca

Wind energy - A sustainable alternative #GreenEnergy source

“Earth has enough resources to meet people’s needs, but will never have enough to satisfy people’s greed,” said the father of our nation ,Mahatma Gandhi’. As ultra modern living causes increased toxic emissions, rising greenhouse effects and more carbon footprints through out the world , we are forced to look at unconventional (read renewable sourcs of energy ) to tide over the energy crises without wrecking more havoc over the already burdened ecosystem .According to scientists global temperatures must stop rising soon to prevent catastrophic harm to the planet. As the world gears up to the run up for the eleventh session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP) due from 30 November to 11 December 2015, in Paris, France. The Paris UN Climate Conference represents an historic opportunity to put the world on course to meet the climate change challenge. All of the 190 countries participating in the COP21 talks in Paris ar

Himalaya almond and rose soap

Dry skin is a common issue in winters and putting a lot of creams and lotions is not enough in winters.Soaps can further rob the skin off moisture yet I being a soap loving traditional person ,ventured out to try another soap - The  Himalaya almond and rose soap . The  Himalaya almond and rose soap calims to moisturise and cool our skin.                                      Price -   I got it from my local store .It is not expensive at all.I got it only for ₹40 for 125 gms                                          The PROS of The  Himalaya almond and rose soap  1. Easily available . 2. Being a soap , it is easy to carry - no spills :) 3. Inexpensive  4. Refreshes and moisturises - I found that it cleanses my skin like any other average soap bar and does not feel  drying . 5. Has a very pleasant but delicate flowery and nutty smell .It does not linger for long though .                                  The CONS of The  Himalaya almond and ros

5 Things to keep your Baby's Skin Soft and Safe

Nothing can beat the surge of  joy upon seeing the smile of a blissful baby ! As mothers we try to take the best possible care of our babies,to keep them healthy and happy .Today I shall share a few baby care tips to ensure that your baby has a healthy skin . The most common dermatological conditions that babies present in our clinics are Prickly heat, Eczema, Diaper rash ,dry scaly skin etc .So I shall share a few guidelines that can help in keeping these from appearing or managing the existing common skin problems in babies . 1. How to avoid and manage a Diaper Rash An irritating , reddish discoloration in the diaper area of the baby's body is called  a diaper or nappy rash . Most diaper rashes occur because of skin irritation due to diapers that are too tight; wet diapers left on for too long ,or an allergy to a particular brand of detergent, diapers, or baby wipes . It can be avoided  by keeping the diaper area open to the air as much as possible and changing the  dia