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Goldentips Jasmine Green Tea Review

My love for Jasmine Tea started when I was eating out at an oriental speciality restaurant and rounded off the satisfying meal with Fresh Jasmine Tea .Needless to say , I was addicted !                                     I am not going to lecture about the health benefits of green tea , as I think we all are well aware of them .I am going to just share my experience with this particular brand and whether it was as good as the one that got me addicted in the first place .                                           Price  - Rs 255 for 40 gms / 20 luxury tea bags .                                             About Goldentips - Established in 1933 in Darjeeling , Golden Tips Tea is the oldest and amongst the most trusted brands from India with a heritage of over 80 years.  Its Jasmine green tea claims to be a fine blend of green tea with fresh Jasmine blossoms .The Goldentips Luxury Teabags contain full length leaves and a pyramid shape allowing more ro

Welcome Spring - Summer 2016 - Outfit of the Day Post

With Summer in full bloom in my city ,I wanted to get myself  a new summery Kurta ,something that looks cool and keeps me cool too ! With the weather being too hot to venture out and the new Odd-Even restrictions on private vehicles in force, it made sense to shop online in the comfort of my home.So, I set about surfing online at online shopping apps   because with online shopping apps you can shop anywhere, walk through the virtual aisles anytime ! I chose Jabong to shop from . Why the Jabong App ? 1.Every Shopper number five, shops for free on Jabong App !!! This was no marketing gimmick as one of my friends had already shopped for free and I wanted to try my luck too . 2. Daily highest spender wins an iphone and one lucky shopper gets a customized Triumph Bike ! Now this one was not a good reason for me but I am sure others would love to try their luck . 3. They have 25% off even on NEW ARRIVALS with NO MINIMUM VALUE  !!! 4. Best of all , they have a   SUMMER STO

Education - Opening up New Avenues #ThinkBIG !

We all have gone through the phase when a visiting Uncle and Aunty would invariably pop the question ,"Toh 12th ke baad … Kya Socha ?" Even though the question would be addressed to us ,but it was indirectly addressed to our parents . Our generation did not have the freedom to project our views,it was what our parents thought was best for us , or what would be prestigious . But times are changing ,here are 5 reasons why I would not force my daughter or son to go to the same college as I did . 1.In this age of internet ,the new generation is leaps and bounds ahead of us when it comes to information.This generation is much more vociferous and opinionated and dare I say with strong background work done and so I would respect that.I would let them make their own choices . 2.Not everyone can be a doctor or an engineer as some of our parents may have learned the hard way .Many young lives have been destroyed while trying to fit into these dream jobs .One just needs to lo

Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion

I have oily skin and was able to skip moisturisers in summers till a few years back ,but due to certain anti-acne regimen and probably advancing years ,I have noticed that the skin looks patchy and dry in some areas now after washing and so I started using moisturisers in the last few years .                                  But it's a tough world out there.Some would end up making my skin look super oily and some would make it breakout (because of the salicylic acid content that irritates the skin ) and some would be very heavy on the pocket !                                         Thats when I discovered the Cetaphil moisturising lotion and it ticks all the right boxes in my book . Price - Rs 285/- for 100 ml , this may sound little steep ,but since it is very thick , little goes a long way .I have not been able to finish my single bottle in a month , so you can do your maths .                                                                       

Welcome back - Mowgli and his Friends !

                    The other day, I was spending quality time with my kids ( which generally means watching cartoons wth my five years old ) when a familiar tune grabbed my attention . I  looked at the T.V. and saw “ The Jungle Book " Movie commercial streaming on screen .My eyes lit up specially so because they had retained the iconic song  “ Jungle Jungle baat chali hai  ,pata chala hai … Arre ! Chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai , phool khila hai !” the title song of the old indianised Jungle Book series . Would you believe that  these iconic and yet so childishly innocent lyrics were by the great Gulzaar Saáb and the music score was given by Vishal Bhardwaj in his early days  ! The Original “Jungle Book “ was an American animated film by Walt Disney productions and was released  in 1967 in America .We Indian kids could watch it much later  in 1990s when it was dubbed in Hindi and aired on national television. I think I was studying in ninth standard when the ani

Fabindia perfume Oil- Wild Rose

India has been famous for its indigenous perfumes also called Attars /Ittars developed during the Mughal era .These were basically essential oils derived from flowers and barks of fragrant trees .I had always been a fan and would often visit the Jain shop in Janpath,Cannaught place to get my quota of the perfumes .This time though I tried one from Fabindia - Fabindia perfume Oil- Wild Rose ... Price - Rs.   290 for  9 ml                                                                                                  Ingredients - Sweet Almond Oil, Fragrance ,Sesame oil,Cyclomethicone ,Grape Seed oil ,Vitamin E acetate. Directions for Use - Dab on pulse points (insides of wrists, behind the ears etc. ) for long lasting fragrance .It can also be applied through hair strands as hair holds the perfume longer .                                                              PROS of  Fabindia perfume Oil Wild Rose