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How to Keep your Skin Healthy and Glowing despite Air Pollution

For people  living in large cities, it has become inevitable to suffer  the manifold harmful effects of air pollution which affects almost every organ of the body. Cities like Delhi, are the extreme, but even London and Paris have its  share of bad air.

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The skin being the largest organ and the barrier for our inner organs, has to face the brunt of the damage.The problems include skin dryness, rashes, allergy, wrinkles, pigment spots, eczema and accelerated aging.

Air pollution increases the amount of free radicals in the air and this along the ultraviolet radiation, decreases the amount of collagen (the fibres that give softness and elasticity to our skin and give sit its youthful appearance ) in the skin.The skin thus loses its elasticity, developing fine lines and wrinkles. With this toxic  air, the oxygen delivered to the cells of the skin is decreased,  making it look dull and tired. The tiny partic…

Cafe Wall Street - Review

Actually Cafe is a misnomer because it is more of a restaurant, bar and Lounge.This place was earlier known as Cafe Public Connection and has now been taken over and revamped as Cafe Wall Street in C.P., New Delhi.The name "Wall Street "speaks for high ambitions as they aim to be a landmark in Connaught Place for its food scene and nightlife just like the famous Wall street of New York .
INTERIORS - The place has three segregated areas - The Cafe,The Lounge,The Private Dining and the Smoking Area.The furnishing- plush and very comfortable, has been done in royal purple and cream colours for the Cafe and the Private Dining area and the lounge area  has been done in cream with muted lighting and tea lights on every table .In short - the interiors have  a plush, cosy ,spacious and comfortable feel but at the same time segregated areas and separate entrance to the cafe ensure that families can have a good time too .

SERVICE - The service was courteous and prompt but no one kept h…


The name of this Gastropub on the Invite perplexed me - I can understand "Smaaash " but what is a "Pub Exchange "?

The mystery was solved once I went inside.They have actually created a very unique and I must say a very popular concept for pub loving crowds - SMAAASH Gurgaon Pub Exchange  is designed to give you the feel of a real stock exchange, the features of the pub include proprietary software and trading servers. The pub is also lined with LCD screens, LED tickers and the legendary stock market 'gong', all of which add the 'traders' charm to this fun concept . 
As a particular drink gets ordered more and more,the prices start falling and you can end up getting your favourite poison at a ridiculously low price ! The LCD screens keep flashing the fluctuating prices so that you can keep a tab.

That's not all - the place is not only a drinking hole.It is actually a complete recreational and relaxation center . They have gaming alleys with a h…

Mia Bella - Romantic Bar and Kitchen

I was recently invited to the blogger tasting table at Mia Bella -  Romantic Kitchen and Bar in Hauz Khas village . 

Before I venture any further, a word for the ambience - Mia Bella is very strategically located near the tomb of Firozshah Tughlaq and overlooks the Hauz Khas (meaning royal lake ) which is an ancient reservoir converted into a lake. 

So one gets a beautiful view of the majestic domes of the tomb and the emerald waters of the lake and the clear blue skies while being seated at Mia Bella .The mezzanine floor offers the best view so try to have a seat over there when you visit .

It has warm wood furniture upholstered in cobalt blue shades with bright yellow cushions brightening up the whole place.

I was thirsty so the first thing I asked for was a glass of Classic Sangria .It had Cointreau ,red wine (Crucillon Tinto Red Wine ),Cognac and Orange juice with seasonal fruits ,Very refreshing and welcome !

I also tried a white wine from their collection - and found it to my liking …