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Face Off with Sushi at Simply Sushi (Ambience Mall )

Last week I was invited to a tasting session at Simply Sushi ,located in PVR Director's cut, Ambience Mall (Delhi ).But I just can't venture into my "First Sushi Experience " before gushing about the PVR Director's cut ! The PVR Director's Cut Auditorium The PVR Director's Cut  has four auditoriums all fitted with plush leather sink-in sofas that transform into a couch at the press of a button .Another press of a button and you can order your favourite food  delivered hot (or cold if its ice-cream) at your seat .Talking of food,they have more than 8 flavors of popcorn - all gourmet flavors like black grape, pineapple, mango, orange, and more , some great organic ice creams and also one of the best sushi bars . All the gourmet offerings are available for in-seating dining thus taking your movie experience to another level altogether . The auditoriums are also furnished with Special couple seats for a more cosy movie experience . M

Why Protinex with Hydrolysed Protein is good for you

I was recently invited to attend an informative session about  "The importance of Proteins in our diet and what are hydrolysed Proteins ? " with leading senior  nutritionists Dr. Kavita Devgan and Dr. Madhavi. It was quite an enlightening and stimulating session as we discussed about various myths and facts relating to protein intake . The session was sponsored by Protinex India and we also saw the launch of their Protein Bytes - Diskettes of protein for people on the go . I shall now venture to share with you all that I learned from this interactive session . WHAT ARE PROTEINS ? Proteins are the building blocks of life. It is a macro nutrient ( just like Carbohydrates and Fat ) which is essential for the growth, repair and energy needs of our body.                                                                                                                      Some sources of class one proteins WHY DO WE NEED PROTEIN ?