About Us

A website that focusses on Health, Happiness, and Good living.

Our articles are based on latest scientific facts and not copy paste work.

We endeavor to empower our readers to make better informed choices to lead healthier lifestyles.

Everyone wishes to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.


There is a lot of joy in exploring, a lot to learn – be it people, places, or books and I love to share what I have learnt. The blog came from my wish to help and reach out to more people. 


We wish to empower our readers so that they can make better decisions and lead healthier lifestyle.

Our articles are based on personal experience and also evidence-based.


Here I share the numerous insights gained from 20 years of working in Healthcare and Mental wellness.

Negative Body Image


Health is not just the absence of a sickness. Being healthy depends on the small choices we make everyday. This website offers you the right information before you make that choice.


When you are healthy within, your beauty shines through! In this blog, we bring detailed reviews of skin care and beauty products keeping in mind the needs of the modern Indian woman and man.

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