Book Review – How to be a Likeable Bigot

Price – Rs 299/- , Kindle version – Rs 188/-
Pages – 192
Genre – Humour ,Satire ,Essays


Cover Design 

I love the Bright Sky Blue cover designed by Neelima P.Aryan which immediately gives a light hearted feel and sets the mood for some light reading.

About The Author 

Naomi Datta is a creative director , presenter and writer with a number of leading channels.She  has authored the thriller “The 6 P.M. Slot “which was well received.

What I loved about this Book

As the book’s description goes – this book is a fresh and witty take on life today.In today’s world of Social media and Selfies , where what you are and what you actually do is overshadowed by what you showcase to the world,this is a survival guide on how to score without really putting in too much effort.
The book is a compilation of 15 essays and a look at the titles is enough to make you laugh out loud
Here are the titles :
1.How to contribute nothing to Team meetings and not let anyone Catch on
2.How To make Your Resume work harder Than you
3. How to spend all your time on Social Media and yet give the illusion of productivity
4. How to be a gainfully employed freeloader etc. etc

My favourite one was “Mummy politics for the Dummy” where the author shares hacks to survive the Mummy Whats app groups. It struck a cord somewhere where as a Mom sometimes we feel inadequate when compared to the Creative Hipster mommies or the Alpha stay at home Moms  , the Yoga Moms who have it all .Naomi’s humorous survival tips somehow even made sense in their non-sense !I also was in splits when reading ” How to contribute nothing to Team meetings and not let anyone Catch on “.

To be honest many of the hacks suggested are genuinely helpful tips and hacks .She also in a back handed way makes you feel that it is completely OK to be normal, moderate ,general ,non achiever – in short human !
This book will cater to all ages and sexes but I think more to to young adults in the age group 25-40 years.

What did not go well with this book

1. The language is difficult, in every page you might come across 2-5 words which may need looking up in the dictionary for normal folks like me.So I was quite happy that this book comes in a kindle version too where looking up difficult words is easy.
2.Though I loved the word play and the cutting wit , it becomes a bit too stretched at some places in “How to be  The Kangaroo Dad “.


I loved and recommend this book , I am sure this is going to be an all time best seller and another feather in Naomi Datta’s multi-faceted cap.

10 responses to “Book Review – How to be a Likeable Bigot”

  1. Read this book and completely agree on your review points too. Yes this book has few places that get stretched but it is okay as the flow of the chapter keep you look for more.

  2. Now this is an interesting book that I would like to read. Otherwise self Helps books is difficult for me. The chapter titles are enhancing my eagerness to read the book.

  3. you have written a very nice review. i haven't read this book, but sounds good only if we could have gotten things delivered easily in this lock down period.

  4. Nice and interesting review of the book. Makes it more interesting to read the book. Specially after seeing your description of topic "Mummy politics for the Dummy" would love to read the book.

  5. I've read this book too and it is a fun read all along. I liked her intelligent way of writing. It has its dull points but they aren't too much.

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