Restaurant Review – Plum by Bent Chair

Location – The Walk, Worldmark 2, Aerocity, New Delhi

This is hyped as the most instagrammable place in town,and I dare say it is true to some extent.
This fine dining place has a lush and vibrantly colourful feel to it like having arrived in  the Garden of Eden .

India’s first true Retail Restaurant – Plum by Bent Chair

Plum by Bent Chair has a unique concept of being India’s first true retail restaurant which means that everything on display is for sale from the plates and cutlery to the ornate chairs and chandeliers .You can experience them first hand as you dine and later if you want , you can shop the article that catches your eye.
As they say here – Eat,Indulge,Buy !

If you love the plush chair you are sitting on,
you could place an order and get it for your home

The seating is luxurious !

Service is great.The servers are very helpful and have a fine knowledge of the dishes and ingredients and help you make good choices.

Food is one of the best , mostly South East Asian food is served with the exception of pizza and desserts.

Here is what we had :

1.Elder flower and Blueberries Spritzer which is a gin based cocktail , it was fresh ,balanced and colourful just like the interiors.It was delicious as well as beautifully presented.
Full marks for that!


2. Cream cheese and truffle dumplings, the dumplings had cream cheese pate with truffle scented corn and celery . I could not taste much of truffle and celery but the pate was flawless.
3. Edamame and cream cheese pate – truffle infused potato flakes skin – crunchy carrot and corn , this was very creamy The creamy dim-sums ,left me wanting for something fresh and spicy and so I went for the small plates.

4. Spiced Turnip cakes – The turnip cake had Cantonese spices, pepper, scallions and golden garlic that gave them a great flavour.

5.Tofu Spicy Basil – This dish had crisp tofu with fried basil in a hot bird eye chili sauce. Quite Yumm !

6. Nutella sushi , Sushi rice with a nutella filling and topping.It was nice but not my cup of tea, with the sticky creamy sweetness , I am all for desserts that have multiple dimensions to them in texture and taste .


To sum it – Do visit once for the great food and unforgettable ambience and specially if you are looking for renovating your home or office with some quality and eye catchy pieces.Valet parking and separate smoking area are other pluses. 

10 responses to “Restaurant Review – Plum by Bent Chair”

  1. Such an unique concept. Many a times we wonder where restaurants get their unique decor n cutleries from. N here we can buy them.. Tadaa!!

  2. When I read the retail concept of Plum by bent chair, I have been planning to go there but couldn't. Now looking at the delicious food, I'm.tempted all the more. Elder flower and Blueberries Spritzer sounds refreshing

  3. Exactly, it has happened with me too when I wish I could get the same table ware or dining furniture and with this retail restaurant you actually can get them.

  4. Yes, have heard a lot about this and wanted to review. it. Somehow was not able to take out time. Lets us hope I get some soon. Nice post. 🙂

    Utpal Khot

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