The Theme for Earth Day 2023

Earth Day 2023
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In this post, we will discuss about Earth Day, the theme for Earth Day 2023, and its significance.

Every year on April 22, Earth Day is observed to honor the environmental movement and promote the preservation of natural resources. Earth Day was first started by American senator Gaylord Nelson to promote environmental education and create eco-consciousness.

Earth Day is typically observed on April 22 or the day of the spring equinox in each region of the world. This year too , Earth Day will be observed on April 22 this year.

This year, Earth Day will mark its 53rd birthday.


The theme for Earth day 2023

Because of Earth Day being about promoting renewable energy, global warming, and climate change therefore -“Invest In Our Planet” is going to be the focus of this year. Businesses, governments, and civil society are equally responsible for investing in Green energy.

With the participation from over one billion people each year, Earth Day is the greatest civic movement worldwide. According to the Earth Day Network, over 190 countries celebrate the environmental occasion with an estimated one billion participants.

Our Earth risks losing 40% of glacial mass if it doesn’t give up fossil fuels if we do not take climate action.


How can you participate in Earth Day 2023 ?

There are many ways to do your bit. Here are a few:

Plant more trees

It is trees that hold soil, give shade and oxygen and help purify the air , bring down temperatures. Something our small balcony gardens cannot do.

Cut back on the use of plastic

We should avoid Single use plastic cutlery and carry our own steel straws and spoons and a small tumbler. This itself can make a huge difference.

Instead of using bottled water the use of public water fountains will help in reducing plastic usage.

Be an advocate of change

Drum up support and create awareness about climate change and eco-friendly practices. We can force governments to adopt mor eco-friendly policies by creating mass support.

Sustainable clothing


We can promote sustainability by using recycled clothing or thrifting or donating old clothes. In fact , the practice  of minimalism can help us reduce clutter, save money and also help save earth. Textile industry uses a lot of water and recycling our clothes can help conserve water.

Responsible travel


The millennials love to travel , the rampant traveling has created a need for roads and commercialism making people cut down trees to make way for infrastructure. Here is what an eco-conscious tourist should do- click here 


Switching off gadgets


Smart gadgets that sense movement and switch off themselves when not needed can help curb wastage of power and water.


What are you going to do this Earth Day to help save our green planet?

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24 responses to “The Theme for Earth Day 2023”

  1. I completely agree with all the points you have mentioned. we have started cutting back on plastic at home, consciously not buying new things and also cutting back on gadget and appliance use. We try to recycle as often as possible, give old stuff to NGOs or outlets which can recycle the stuff in some way. Saving the Earth from lack of greens is important.

  2. A beautiful reminder on how to celebrate earth day. With the kind of changes coming in, I believe we must not forget our duty towards the planet and the environment.

  3. What a brilliant topic that you shared here through this post. If you ask me how i made my share of contribution on Earth Day then my answer will be:

    1. planted 4 garden plants in my small garden
    2. put off the light for 4 hrs from 6 to 9 pm
    3. Use of Minimal plastic and only good quality reusable plastic bags. Complete NO for plastic curtlery.
    4. Old clothes distribution to poor people and local NGO is always that we practice.

    It makes me feel good and I am trying to incorporate the same habits in my son.

  4. A blog like yours is the need of the hour Preeti… through such writeups we have become more conscious and considerate. I guess a lot of us these days are doing our bit but we still have a long way to go.

  5. It’s the most important topic to discuss today. Earth Day reminds us to save the precious things we obtain from nature. Your pointers are quite apt. Without following these directions, our future is going to be dark.

    • A beautiful post on how to celebrate Earth day. An important reminder to do our duty towards our environment

  6. A very important topic. I feel that although we know about the impact and what we can do to save the earth, there is no intent. Until we all have that, it will be difficult to save the environment.

  7. We all need to do our bit to save the environment. And not just depend on the next person. Come to think of it, our ancestors had a lot more sustainable and way healthier practices. Technological advances have done equal damage and good here.

  8. Great post preeti! Earth Day 2023 is an important opportunity for everyone to contribute to the well-being of our planet. Your suggestions are excellent ways to participate and make a positive impact.

    Incorporating minimalism into our lifestyle not only helps declutter our lives but also saves money and contributes to water conservation, considering the textile industry’s water consumption.

  9. An extremely sensitive topic shared on the occasion of Earth Day. I absolutely agree with all your points and me and my family use steel straws and carry our own bottles everywhere. I always recycle my clothes by donating them and believe in minimilism and buy only when i need something. Our garden has an array of flowering and fruit plants and trees that not only cheers the atmosphere but also ourselves.

  10. Much much needed. It should be discussed in every meet up whether it is family or friends. Every one knows but no one is taking responsibility of our planet. I am minimizing the use of plastic from last 2year. Still not get rid of complete ban of usages. But will get rid soon.

  11. This is a pertinent topic that everyone needs to pay attention to. We all need to continuously strive to make sustainable choices and inspire others to protect and preserve our precious planet every day.We can all start by making small changes. Reuse, Recycle, Reduce. Plant more trees. Reduce the consumption of plastic. Educate and emphasise sustainability. Save water and electricity consumption as much as possible. Your informative post is educative and helpful to those who have not given it a thought. I’m sure if we all do our bit, we can have a happy green planet again.

  12. No big change can come about unless everyone does their part. We can definitely contribute from our side by making these small but considerable changes and make Earth Day a success.

  13. Such small yet significant deeds go a long way for sure when it comes to safeguarding the world we live in. Thank you for writing on such an important topic!

  14. I am all for the safety of our Mother Earth! I am constantly teaching my kids how to advocate for sustainability. We also turn off the tapa while brushing, never waste a drop of water, don’t buy unnecessary stuff and plant trees wherever we can! Great post!

  15. To add to this list, I would like to add on cutting off plastic completely from our lives infact We had used Cloth diapers for our both kids and I am using clothpads and menstrual cup for myself since 2014. It’s a big change and has a huge impact for sure.

  16. Love this post and the theme of this year’s Earth day. I’ve always hated the idea of people dreaming of living in Mars or any other planet when they can’t appreciate and take care of the ones they are living at now. Why not come to our senses, do our part and make Earth a better one. If only each one of us would act, I’m pretty sure our Mother Earth would once again be as beautiful as it was.

  17. Earth; should be cherished but we misuse and abuse it to such an extent that we will need oxygen cylinders on our backs to breathe. I do my bit of planting trees, using plastic free products and so on. I wish each one of us could do our bit and save mother earth for the next generations

  18. Every small step counts and thanks for sharing those. It’s not difficult to bring them into practice I personally do try to follow this to my best abilities.

  19. Simple and do-able tips. If only we can all follow and make the earth a better place for our future generations…how lovely would that be!!

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