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My Dream - A #DigitalIndia

Friends and my readers ,I have a dream ,and the dream is to see my country touching new heights of growth and development ,to see happiness on every face and prosperity and contentment in every village and city. It sounds too utopian a goal to achieve but with the right tools and the righ perspective I am sure India can achieve that. One of the right tools to ensure universal growth and happiness is good governance .Governance is the process of decision- making , policy formulation followed by  monitoring that those decisions are implemented properly.  E-governance means governance through the electronic media -which is better , faster and more convenient . Let me elaborate through a real life story  .A friend of mine found an old woman in a state of dsitress in front of his office in I.N.A .colony .Thankfully she was sane and could speak broken Hindi.She had came to Delhi with her family and was somehow lost and had been  wandering around for days in the hope of being re-un

PONDS Silk Cream review

Remember how in good old days ,winter meant Ponds cold cream !                              I know in Delhi it is too hot to be reviewing what we have traditionally known as " Ponds Cold Cream ".But did you pay attention to the title ?It says Ponds Silk Cream review .No this is not a cold cream meant for only cold weather.I actually bought it in December but am writing down the review now. The packaging is the same old -pristine white plastic tub with hints of blue .                               Price-Rs 140/- for 100 ml                     PROS of PONDS Silk Cream  Affordable . Light weight plastic tub packing . Spreads easily. They have changed the fragrance so some may like the new fragrance , I preferred the old one -so nostalgic of childhood. It has a matte finish which the brand calls 'Silk ' finish , means " No chip-chip (non greasy)" .So you can actually use it all round the year for moisturisation. Also oily

Exploring the ASUS Zenfone 5

In my earlier posts (   and  I blogged about my experience with AsusZenfone 5, I had discussed about its great looks, screen resolution and also the Pixelmaster camera .All of which give the Asus Zenfone 5 cutting edge above other smartphones in the market in  this price range segment . For somebody who has often been labelled a bookworm ,the Kindle App is a must-have and The Zenfone 5 comes preloaded with Amazon's Kindle .Not just that but its   PixelMaster technology combines software, hardware and optical design to deliver improved image quality which really helps in giving a better reading experience .I read the free e-book version of "Theodore Boon -The Abduction" and I am adding a picture of my screen , the real screen is much brighter and cleaner ,here I took the picture in low light so it is not doing jus

Great breakfast recipes with Kellogg's at Guptaji's home

Ask any woman ,the biggest challenge of her day and the answer would in all likelihood be ,"What to cook today ?" For every working woman the challenge goes a step higher ,"What can I cook which is healthy, tasty and takes less time to cook ?" Everyday ,I get a few patients of acidity and gastritis .The culprit is always modern fast living making them skip breakfast .Most of the time it is women who can make tiffins for the whole family but do not want to waste time rolling out a chapati for herself and then waste time eating it .The result is acidity , bad digestion and in the long run gallstones, diabetes , hypertension . On the other hand is another group which skips meals because they want to lose weight and having the traditional grease laden paranthas will cause weight gain and so they choose to skip the breakfast as a shortcut to weight loss .Though it only slows down their metabolic rate and can cause nutritional deficiencies making them cranky,weak and

The second generation MOTO E - An even smarter choice

The Moto-e was my first Smartphone .I have earlier  reviewed Moto E  here  and though I have loved it for being the best smartphone in the budget category offering a wide range of features , there have been a few things that I had been missing .I heard that Moto-E has being relaunched in a brand new Avtar and so today's post is going to be about the new features that have me all revved up.Here is how I propose to #ChooseToStart my smartphone journey with the new Moto E . 1. More colour choices -I love the colour white -so serene and cool .So the first thing I will do is change to the white coloured phone and buy all 5 multicolored grips to match my dress(red!),or my mood (Blue:()or according to the weather(sunny yellow). So I can make a style statement with my smartphone every day ! Image source: and 2 .Clicking selfies -Any beauty blogger worth her salt needs selfies . I rued the fact that my earlier Moto-E did not

Some thoughts on International Day of Happiness

Every year 20th of March is observed as the International Day of Happiness since its inception on 28th June 2012 by the U.N. This concept was first introduced by The King of Bhutan in 1972 through its Gross National Happiness initiative. "Happiness" is a very subjective term though economists are racking their heads to come out with a universal formula or measurement to standardize it .Having money, power or fame may not be the only tools to happiness.So what is happiness ? To someone ,happiness may be getting a square meal after days of starvation . To me , it could be hidden in random  little acts of kindness from people around us ,even strangers .I once read somewhere , that counting the good things in your life ,your blessings and expressing gratitude for them every day can make you a happier person because then you realize how much there is to your life to be happy about.I tried to do that and I did feel happier but we keep forgetting that we have to pers

Save Money while Gifting with

In my earlier post about saving money  through I had explored some ways of saving money even while I was actually spending it , meaning to get discounts and exclusive offers while making purchases from an e-commerce website online .Last time I had saved Rs 1300/-(!!!) while buying a home furnnishing item through  . This time I thought of trying some more options to see how much more I could save on other items . We women love to be pampered with beautiful flowers and chocolates ,don't we ?I am particularly fond of gifting and receiving flowers on special occasions and sometimes even without them just to show my love for someone or when I am in the mood to prettify my home .What easier way to prettify youy home but fragrant and vibrant cut flowers (specially if you are not lucky enough to own your own garden of eden ). So the occasion was the 18th Birthday of my favourite niece and I thought what better gift than a bouquet of 18 rose buds for

SeaSoul Dead Sea Facial Mud Pack Review

Hi Beauties ! Spring is here and the time has come to shed all those extra layers of clothing .Time to say goodbye to the sparkly make up and say Hello to beautiful ,glowey skin with minimal make up .Deep cleansing is essential to glowing ,pure skin and masks are a cool way to deep cleanse your skin.Also it is super easy , Just cleanse your face with facewash and apply the mask all over the face and neck and even upper back and then place two cucumber slices on your eyes and just lie down and relax meanwhile the mask does its work . So today I am going to review (you might already have guessed ) the SeaSoul Dead Sea Facial Mask.I received this in my January 2015 FabBag .I have already been using the SeaSoul CC cream and mightily impressed by it so I had high hopes with this mud mask too .                          Price - Rs 995/-  for 50 ml and    Rs 3195/- for 200 ml . You can buy it by clicking  here .Though if you keep looking at the website they come

Singapore - A Foodie's Heaven

           With increasing disposable incomes and the desire to break away from our compact routines ,India has seen a surge in overseas tourism in the last few years . The island city of  Singapore is a favourite tourist destination for upper middle class Indians as it is a world class city that offers great  museums, picteresque beaches,shopping hubs,amazing food and a vibrant  night life  .But I had my apprehensions when visiting Singapore (being the great Indian tourist )  most of them food related .Though my family is non vegeterian , I am not experimental when it comes to food .I had terrifying visions of being served eels,tongues and writhing ,slimy creatures when dining in Singapore ! Though that is exactly what the kids find thrilling . Singapore is a melting pot of various cultures and its cuisine  is a product of the cultural cauldron of the various ethnicities living here from Malaysian ,SriLankan, Indian to Chinese .So you will find the Indian style Roti Prata

The March 2015 FabBag and mini reviews

Every month I used to crib that I receive my FabBag at the end of the month ,but was pleasantly surprised when I received the "The Date Night FabBag " before Valentine's Day .This month too I received my March FabBag before the 15th of the month .I hope this precedent continues in future too. As you know the FabBag is a monthly subscription to beauty and makeup products chosen as per our needs delivered to our doorstep at a discounted rate which is about Rs 400 p.m. First of all the a glimpse of the FabBag itself .It bore a beautiful message from the legendary Coco Chanel herself , as you can see below in the pics. As you can see it's  a bag filled with some fabulous products and has been labelled #MakeupForDifference March FabBag as this International Women's Day the FabBag has joined hans with NGO to raise money and awareness for causes led by four inspiring women .A donation will be made every time someone gives a missed

#Together We Win

          True relationships are those that give us the support to go through hard times in our lives ,those are the real relationships worth keeping that pass the test of time .Once the hard times pass , those are the relationships that you will cherish always .Real relationships go through bad times but get through them to emerge stronger . I share such a relation with my spouse .Even though there have been days we have had bitter fights and sullen days of silence, yet I know that even in that silence, he cares for me and watches out for me. We had a very hard decision to take a few years back. We both were doing well in our respective jobs and were able to save a decent amount of money every month .Our family was complete and so we were emboldened enough  to buy our own house .Getting a house is not an easy job and after countless rounds of property dealers , leafing through various brochures , daily trips to banks and offices we were able to settle for a decent flat from a r

ASUS Zenfone - A selfie Paradise

In my previous post  ASUS Zenfone 5 - First impression  I had shared with you my initial thoughts about this zenfone .Today as promised I am going to share with you my views on its camera .As told earlier this Zenfone comes with PixelMaster technology and is equipped with a 8MP primary and 2 MP secondary camera . Not just that this PixelMaster Camera ensures that the images captured are 400% brighter even during low light conditions .It gives more stable images . When you go to camera ,you will get a vast menu to select from depending upon your requirement -Auto,HDR,Low light ,Selfie ,Beautification ,Miniature and Depth of Field .Phew !                                 The selfie mode has further fields you can choose from like the number of faces to be recognised , All smiles mode etc . I asked my daughter to take a picture of me while we were out dining and then she asked me whether she could use the "Beautification" feature to enhance my looks.I allowed

Garnier Skin Naturals Wrinkle Lift Anti Ageing Cream review

I have used Garnier Wrinkle lift earlier too but it has been relaunched with some extra ingredients added to make it more effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.So here is my take on the new  Garnier skin naturals Wrinkle lift Anti-ageing cream.                           Price - You can buy it for as low as Rs 250/- for 40 gms .Available at Flipkart , , Jabong   and even at your neighbourhood chemist or cosmetics shop .                        Presentation - It comes packed in a  cardboard box.Inside is a plastic jar .I love the colourful packaging .It looks so vibrant and so full of life .Though the jar packaging can be unhygienic because you have to insert your fingers inside every time you need to apply .But on the other hand you can also easily know when your cream is going to finish and it's time for a repurchase.                              Cons of Garnier Skin Naturals Wrinkle Lift Anti Ageing Cream 1. No pump

Save some CASH @ HOLI Bash

 Hi Friends ! Holi is here( and so is my Birthday) ! Double the fun does call for double the celebrations, isn't it? For the sheer ease of shopping at home in the privacy of my home and my convenient time ,I prefer to buy online specially when it comes to popular brands that I have been using quite frequently and I can trust blindly .Also Delhi streets are not so safe around Holi .Anybody can throw a balloon or colour on you and you have to grin and bear it .I say- why take the risk ? When you can sit at home and enjoy 24 hours shopping regardless of time and also get exciting deals ! While going through various websites I came across this website called and I was bowled over (Yeah !I know the cricket fever is in the air !) by their funda. Now to answer the question-What is this website about ? is India's leading discount coupons & deals distribution platform .It displays discount coupons and offers to retail buyers from

Sculpting Your Mind, Body & Soul #LakmeSchoolOfStyle

Lakme , the pioneer of fashion in India ,has added another feather in their cap by launching  India’s first fashion video magazine -the   #LakmeSchoolOfStyle .And who could have been a better choice to be the Editor  -in-chief but  Karan Johar ,who  is an active fashion designer and style icon himself. I found several interesting videos posted about fashion, make-up ,even sex tips out of which I partiularly  loved this video about    #LakmeSchoolOfStyle's youngest Vlogger Ruchi Gokhale , who has survived cancer not once but twice .As per Karan , the March issue is all about "Sculpting " yourself , Ruchi has not justed sculpted her exterior persona but shaped  her future and her life too .She confided that vlogging is what made her survive the cancer and its treatment .Karan ,having lost his father to cancer himself looks moved while talking to Ruchi .You too can watch this inspiring video here - Coming back to style and fashion , who doesn't want to loo

#StartANewLife ,Make a New Beginning

          Once ,me and my friends were visiting an ongoing fair in Pragati Maidan (Delhi).Among many stalls our attention was drawn to a stall marked " Know your Future through Astrology ".A few of us agreed to visit the stall for the fun quotient and others who deeply believed in astrology agreed as they were curious to know more about their  future .At that time I had enrolled for undergraduate course in Physics .Amused , I spread my palm in front of the Astrologer for him to predict my future .With his hallmark fanfare and voice modulations , he predicted that I had a very bright future but I was headed for a sharp diversion in my chosen career He also asked me to worship the Sun God regularly and wear certain colored clothes on certain days of the week .We all came back from the fair ,giggling at the predictions of the astrologer .Little did I know at that time that some of it would bizarrely enough , come true in my future. Well,as shared by me earlier ,I was pursui

Livon Moroccan Silk Serum

I received this in my Feb 2015 FabBag .So I shall plunge into the review directly .                             The contents of Feb FAbBag Price -   Rs 149/- for 30 ml .Yes, the carton looks big but it contains a very tiny little bottle . PROS OF LIVON MOROCCAN SILK SERUM 1.Attractive packaging . 2.Indications for how to use it , illustrated on the packet ,so easy and convenient to use. 3. Coming to the bottle inside , it is a tiny 30 ml clear , transparent ,plastic bottle with a pump dispenser .The clear bottle helps in knowing how much product is left and when you need a new one. 4.The serum contains Moroccan Argan oil which helps in detangling hair . 5. Contains vitamin E too .Though being a doctor  I know that adding precious oils and vitamins to something that only coats the strands of hair is of no use . 6. Contains UV filters , this is something very few serums contain and this may actually help the hair in the long r