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Lakmé Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte Lipstick - Maroon Magic

Hi Girlies !
I am back with a bang after a bit of a lull with a review of my my favourite item of make-up - the indispensable lipstick .Today I shall be reviewing the Lakmé Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte Lipstick in the shade Maroon  Magic .

Price -  Rs 700  for 3.7 gms 

Presentation - A clear plastic twist up tube with a steel body inside .The packaging is definitely attractive enough and the tube is sturdy too .

  PROS of Lakmé Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte Lipstick- Maroon  Magic 
Attractively packaged and transport friendly .Long lasting colour , easily lasts upto 4-6  hours even with eating and drinking .Nice deep-red colour with just a hint of brown .Will specially suit dusky to medium warm complexions and hides pigmented lips too.No fragrance, is a pro for me .Does not melt in the tube even when it's 40 plus degrees celcius  outside.So you can easily carry it in your purse without the fear of breakage or melting .Goes matte on application and stays so .…

SPAWAKE Moisturising Cold Cream

There is a new entrant in the beauty business and this strong contender is here to stay .You might already be seeing its products on the shelves of supermarkets .Yes, I am talking about the Spawake range of beauty products that have been launched by the International Beauty Giant KOSE specially keeping in mind the average Indian woman's beauty concerns .
As I mentioned in my earlier posts that I had attended the Kose Launch Event of their Spawake range for Indian beauty market.I received these as part of a gift hamper and I am going to share my unbiased review with you.

Price- Rs 129/- for 25 gms 

PROS of  SPAWAKE Moisturising Cold Cream  Sturdy and attractive packaging ,different from the white tubs that we generally attach cold creams with .Very easy to work ,soft texture .In fact it has a very smooth feel to it.Light floral  fragrance .Contains laminaria and sea weeds extracts to help in skin smoothening and replenishing .Effective in combatting dryness .

CONS of SPAWAKE Moisturis…

Lakmé 9 to 5 Flawless matte Complexion compact - Apricot Matte

Hi Lovelies !

With summer comes the shine and I do not mean the good one .I mean the shine of grease and oil that comes onto the face with few minutes of being in the heat .Compacts are something you just can't do without at least in summers .They come in handy in controlling the oiliness and taking care that the make up stays put in its place .

So today I shall review Lakmé 9 to 5 Flawless matte Complexion compact in the shade Apricot Matte for you .

Price --Rs 375/- for 8 gms .This is sufficicient if I use it daily for one summer season at least .

Presentation - Comes in an attractive peach coloured cardboard box .Inside we have this ovoid pearly small compact with the lakme 9 to 5 logo .On opening it has a mirror facing the small compact .It is small enough to carry in your evening purse .Has a powder puff too .

PROS of Lakmé 9 to 5 Flawless matte Complexion compact - Apricot Matte
Small and compact ,easy to carry everywhere .Shades available -Melon , Apricot and Almond .This shade…

My first Memories of Motherhood

I had my daughter , my first born ,when I was twenty-six years old .I think that was the right age for me  as physically one is agile and energetic and mentally ready to take on the responsibilities of taking care of another human being .

My pregnancy was filled with the usual morning sickness only that it kept  stretching on for the first four and half months ,that is almost midway through my pregnancy. My Gynaecologist was worried throughout as I did not gain the mandatory 10 kgs .In fact by the end of my pregnancy I had managed to lose some of my pre-pregnancy weight which was already below normal.

To cut a long story short (by nine months !) despite my poor physical health , I gave birth to my daughter right on time and naturally, which no one expected .Though a medical professional , I knew all the stages of labour by heart ,yet nothing prepares you for the pains.The only thing kept me going was some quotes from Osho about childbirth that incidentally I overheard the previous morni…

My Airtel App Experience

In this digital age , owning a smartphone  and a broadband connection is  more of a necessity rather than being an indulgence .But when it comes to paying the bills , it becomes a pain to individually visit all the different websites and  make the payments .So I was more than happy when  Airtel announced that it is launching its Airtel App for customers of its  DTH, Broadband, Prepaid and postpaid services .This App would ensure that a customer gets facilitated by paying all his bills in one place be it his broadband bills, DTH bill  or his phone bills .Isn’t that so amazing ?

But wait, that’s not all .They have added some more features in the Airtel App to make it even more lucrative for its customers. I am going to share with you the ones which are making my heart go “Sha-La--La-La-La”.

1. AIRTEL surprise coupons – With every recharge ,whatever be its value ,you will get surprise coupons for various  categories like shopping, food, wellness, entertainment etc .They will be redeemab…

Maybelline New York New Clean Express Total clean Eye and Lip make up remover

Hi Beauties !
We all love bold lips and bright eyes and with summers it becomes necessary to use long lastinf or matte make up so that the oil and sweat does not wash the colour off .But the drwback of using matte colours and long lasting make up is that it is a pain to remove it .Sometimes my lips become so dry with the constant rubbing and mopping to take the lipstick off .Eversince ,I have been using Eye and Lip make up removers which are specially formulated to remove make up with out much trouble . I had earlier reviewed Maybelline Eye and Lip Make up remover  but wandering in the aisles at a supermarket ,I came across this new variant and so today I am going to review this one for you .

Price -  Rs 275 /- for 70 ml , it is a bit expensive .

PROS of  Maybelline  New York New Clean Express Total clean  Eye and Lip make up remover

1. Small and compact , easy to carry and lightweight .
2. Very effective in not only removing make up (specially the long lasting and matte ones especiall…

The worrying Warrier

Mother is a word that can conjure up so many feelings – love, sacrifice ,courage , selflessness, devotion … the list can go on and on .She is somebody who is always there for us –her children. However unwell she may be , yet she will make sure that I get my meals hot and on time .She will call and ask –“Have you eaten?” even when I have left school and started working .
She is a pillar of strength during hard times .When in pain,”Oh !Ma !”is the only exclamation everybody utters as she is the one who can singlehandedly take away all my pains and worries with her soothing touch and voice .

Examples of her hardiness and resilience are multiple ,but I remember one particularly difficult period in our lives .This happened when my father was posted overseas .It was Ma, me and my younger brother at home .I was working and generally came late .I still remember , one day when I was getting later than usual, I was surprised that my mother had walked all the way to the bus stop in her worry to se…

Maybelline Bright Sparks nail paints - Flash of Coral and Lavender Lies

I have fallen in love with the bright and juicy hues from Maybelline Bright Sparks range .
Maybelline New York has just launched 8 new shades in the Color Show range by the name Bright Sparks,inspired by the New York Fashion Week .Though not all are sparkly but yes they are bright and eye catchy .The range includes glamorous shades like Glowing Wine, Power of Red, Firewood Brown, Blazing Blue, Flash of Coral, Spark of Steel, Burnished Gold and  Molten Maroon.

I have shared the reviews of Power of Red and Spark of Steel with you here. Today I shall further review Lavender lies  and Flash of Coral for you .

Price  - Rs 100 /- for 6ml .All shades are priced differently which is something I did not understand .

This is a lovely coral which will look good on fair to medium skin tones .It does not contain any glitter and lasts for 2-3 days without a top coat .

The Lavender Lies is a pure Lavender nail colour suitable for all skin shades from fair to dusky .It is a very summery looking shad…

Maybelline Colour Show Go Graffiti Nail Polish - Star Struck and Flower Power

Girls , demure is out !
This season flirt with bold colours on the lips and glittter on the tips !
Maybelline New York has launched 8 new shades in the Maybelline New York's Color Show Go Graffiti nail color range. Basically these shades contain suspended nail art particles in various shapes - tiny hearts, cute flowers ,circles etc .Some come in a colored base and can be applied individually and others come in suspended in a clear base to be applied as a top coat .

 Available in  9 shades, the Maybelline Colour Show Go Graffiti nail polishes  have a unique sand-textured effect that looks and feels great on your nails. With 9 different nail art shades to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect shade for every mood .
I am going to show you two of these shades that I loved most -

The Flower Power comes in a transcluscent peach shade with dainty flowers and circles in white and peach shimmer .The colour really comes out on a dark base like Blue,black or red .

 Price - Rs 145 …

My Mom - My EXPERT !

This post is dedicated to the only person in this world whom I trust blindly ,no questions asked .Yes , she is a an expert at everything -she is my Mom !
She was the one who taught herself to speak English and French  when she found herself in a foreign land ,even though she had only possessed a basic hindi medium education .She was the one who taught us to continuously work upon ourselves and to never give up when faced with adversities .So when her rolling pin for rolling out chapatis was left behind , she made do with an empty beer bottle (!) for rolling out her perfect chapatis .Talk of innovation !
A pure vegetarian from a rural background ,she learnt the art of baking and fine dining etiquette in order to continuously move with the times and re-invent herself , never mind a few burnt cakes initially !We ate with all gusto as to us that was straight from our super Mom's food factory and anything that came out from that factory tasted really great !
From taking care of my skin th…

Crash The Pepsi IPL - Finalist - Vote for the Winner

Hi Friends !

Pespi IPL fever is on and I am loving the ads submitted by viewers for the #CrashThePespiIPL challenge .In have already shared with you in my previous posts about Some unbelievable stories where I shared some Indian ads that are too far fetched to believe or what would happen in real life if these situations were to come true .
Advetisements can also be forerunners of a social change as seen in my post Advertising as harbingers of social change- a small selection of my favourite ads .

I have already reviewed a few of the #CrashThePespiIPL entries in my post - Crash the Pespi IPL - some interesting Ads too .If you too want to enjoy the various creative ads which have been posted by viewers just go to there you can scroll through all the entertaining ads and even vote for the ads you  feel are fit to be the finalists or winners for creating Pepsi commercials !

Your vote matters here ,so what are you waiting for ?

Now comin…

Kapil Dev Ek Nayi League | New Innings with Kapil Paji

When living legends like Kapil Ramlal Nikhanj a.k.a Kapil Paji say something ,the whole world sits up and takes notice .This Indian all rounder has done India proud by bringing home the World Cup trophy for the first time in 1983 for India.This debonair cricketer is respected both on and off the field for his warmth and experience.

Kapil Dev was born in Chandigarh .His parents had migrated from Rawalpindi to Chandigarh at the time of partition .He started his career in 1975 with domestic cricket and soon became a shining  star on the cricketing horizon and retired after alomost two decades of illustrious performances in 1994 but not before breaking Sir Richard Hadlee's world record of maxiumum wickets taken .

Of late the twitter world is abuzz with a new name -Kapil Dev Ek Nayi League !

                         Which set me wondering about what it could be all about because there is a lot of secrecy around it .A few videos of Kapil Dev have also been doing rounds of the internet …

Spawake Moisturising Deep Purity Face mask

Hi Friends !
Indian summer is at its hottest best with lots of dust and pollution in the air .What one needs in such times is a deep cleansing skin treatment at least once or twice a week depending upon the skin type and the levels of dirt and grime faced .
As mentioned by me earlier in this post here  that I attended the Kose Launch of Spawake range for Indian beauty market where I also received spawake products as part of a gift hamper I shall now proceed to review the Spawake Moisturising Deep Purity Face mask for all my readers .

Price- Rs 249/- for 60 gms 

What SPAWAKE says - Spawake is formulated with sea-sourced active ingredients and developed under advanced Japanese technology for healthy ,glowing skin.
PROS of Spawake Moisturising Deep Purity Face mask

1. Affordable 
2.Goodness of Sea minerals and sea weeds like Laminaria extracts.
3.Smooth applicaton
4.Leaves skin feeling fresh and invigorated after 20 minutes of application.Reduces dullness.
5. Doe…

Spawake Moisturising Face Wash

As I had mentioned earlier that I attended the Kose(A Japanese International Brand) Launch of Spawake range for Indian beauty market.I received these as part of a gift hamper and I am going to write down the review for you.

Price- Rs 69/- for 50 gms

Presentation -  It comes in a convenient ,white and blue plastic tube with a flip top cap .The draw back being one cannot see through to gauge the amount of product remaining .
What SPAWAKE says - Spawake is formulated with sea-sourced active ingredients and developed under advanced Japanese technology for healthy ,glowing skin.

PROS of Spawake Moisturising Face Wash
1.Clear ,gel like texture which spreads easily .
2. Foams easily and moderately .
3. Gentle enough to be used regularly .
4. Suitable for all skin types.
5. Effectively cleans dirt and oil .
6. Leaves skin hydrated and soft rather than rough and dry .
7. Easily available and alos convenient to carry .
8. Nice fresh , oceanic fragarance .
9.Contains Sea minerals .

When Love Goes Down the Drain...

Today was a special day for Nida .It was her third wedding anniversary.She and Rizwan had made special plans for tonight .They had a toddler at home but her best friend Nita  had agreed to baby sit for her while they went out for a long drive and dinner .
Even before their marriage ,Nida loved going for long drives with Rizwan.She loved the thrill of abandon that it gave her as the wind swept through her long ,golden brown hair .Their parents had agreed readily for their marriage as Rizwan belonged to their community and was a nice boy with sound business acumen.
Time flew as Nida settled into married life .She had been the darling daughter of her house and did not know much about kitchen work and other household chores but there were no worries as she had two servants to help her out in her new house too .
But an unfortunate turn of events made Rizwan suffer serious losses in business and Nida's world came crashing down .She was pregnant with their first child .After various fru…