Innisfree Green Tea Seed Hydrating Serum for Skin

Packaging – The Innisfree Green Tea Seed Hydrating Serum comes in a sturdy green plastic bottle with a very effective pump dispenser which gives enough product without spillage per squeeze .I really like the green bottle , it is very cute and attractive, denoting the green nature of the product and brand.

Price – Rs 1900/- for 80 ml 

About the Brand Innisfree 

Innisfree is a popular Korean Skincare brand that uses  mostly organic and environment friendly ingredients in their products. This is one of their best selling product.

What’s Great about Innisfree Green Tea Serum 

1. It contains no animal origin products or mineral oils and no parabens .

2. It hydrates deeply and immediately, I can vouch for that.

3. It does not cause any sticky greasy feeling , the skin feels bouncy and soft

4. It did not cause any breakouts or irritation on my sensitive skin , which is something great for me

5. I used it twice a day in winters and only at night before bed in summers and did not face any dryness

6. I generally am prone to acne and I could see that the acne was quite controlled with this serum , so I     may conclude that it is suitable for acne-prone skin 

7. No fragrance at all , so if you or your spouse are sensitive to strong perfumes , this could be a good      thing for you.

8. This hydrating serum contains Organic Green Tea and Green Tea Seed oil which have 14 amino acids with known hydrating properties .

9. Suitable for all skin types and age groups but I think very dry skin or forty plus may not benefit from this only, they may need to layer it with other moisturising creams. I was layering it with the Innisfree Intense hydrating Cream with Green Tea seed in winters .

What’s Not so Nice about Innisfree Green Tea Serum 

1. It is not easily available ,you can get in online or at big malls

2. It is pretty expensive and if I use sparingly every day ,one bottle lasts 2 months at most 

3.Even after using it for three months, I did not find any change in my pore size or the whiteheads problem

4.You will not see any dramatic changes like fairer or youthful skin that are seen with some serums that contain retinol or peeling agents .This serum leaves the skin soft and dewy and hydrated while maintaining the skin’s balance which prevents acne and greasiness.

Final Verdict 

I rate it a 4/5 .It is a good product that delivers moisture (better than those Hyaluronic acid creams  claim) and gives you relatively healthy skin over regular use.No miracles here , just gentle skin care that works.

Will I buy it again ?  Of course !!

Now tell us your hydrating secret in the comments below !

22 responses to “Innisfree Green Tea Seed Hydrating Serum for Skin”

  1. Though I know that Korean products are great for skin care but I had not heard about this brand before. Thanks for sharing your honest review. I had also used facial serums before but never get any miraculous results.

  2. Thanks for a honest review and for me my skin care is always home made and for hydrating its all about drinking enough water. I believe in organic so mostly do not indulge in any market products.

  3. Seems like an interesting product. Hadn't heard of it before till I read your blog. Many beauty bloggers have been recommending serums these days. I am thinking of checking out this product sometime.

  4. Thanks for the review. I do not use much on my skin. I prefer most natural products. But if I have to use any serum then I will consider your review.

  5. I am a huge fan of Innisfree products, have used this one and it has wonderful results for people like me with oily T zoned skin. Wonderful review here

  6. While living in Korea I was huge fan of Innisfree and was excited when they extended products to India. Though I haven't used this serum your Wonderful review would help anyone to choose.

  7. Winters are around the corner and I would love to invest in a good hydrating serum. As per your review, this products seems good but I find it too costly. Though I know about this brand I would check out few more reviews to finally decide.

  8. Innisfree products are generally very effective however I havent tried this one yet. Reading your review I am tempted to try it soon.

  9. i havent tried this product yet, but have been hearing of serums lately. i am not sure whether serums are that much more effective than creams or just an alternate. definitely worth a check out to form an opinion.

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