Sunprotek 50+ Gel Sunscreen Review


I have sensitive skin which dries, burns and tans easily so I am always on the lookout for some affordable sunscreens that also work well .Today I shall share my experience about the Sunprotek Gel.

Sunprotek 50+ Gel is a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays by providing physical and chemical barrier to sunlight. Microencapsulation technology has helped to prevent absorption of sunscreen chemicals into the skin and safely increases the residence time of sunscreen on the skin ensuring longer lasting protection.


Allantoin : keeps the skin soft, smooth, and healthy. Allantoin also helps protect the skin against various irritants
Vitamin E : has positive effects against skin ageing due to ultraviolet light, and protects cells by reducing itchiness and free-radical damage.
Chamomile Extract : Chamomile has antioxidant, antimicrobial activities, and a potent anti-inflammatory action
Aloe Vera Extract : Humidifies, smooths and reaffirms the skin, eliminates the ageing spots, and also acts as astringent, solar filter.


Take a liberal amount of the gel on your palm and apply on the exposed part of the skin
 at least 20 minutes before getting under direct sunlight. Clean the skin before applying. Reapply after 3 hours if still in the sun.

PRICERs 877/- for 100 gms , but as usual I got it much cheaper online !


1. It is the number one selling US-FDA compliant sunscreen in India
2. World class formulation, at an affordable price
3. It contains Aloe Vera extract which keeps the skin moist and healthy too .Many physical sunscreens can end up making the skin feel dry and coated; this one does not make you feel so.
4. It is a non  PABA (para -aminobenzoic acid – which can occasionally cause skin irritation)
5. No white cast 
6. Matte finish but not drying
7. The Chamomile, Aloe vera  and Allantoin make it very suitable for my acne prone , oily skin ,it actually had a soothing effect.
8. Effective Sun protection for up to 3 hours, after that you should reapply for better protection
9. Unlike some other sunscreens with SPF 50, I found this saved my skin from tanning more effectively.



1. Expensive – At  536 bucks for 50 gm , it lasts about 15 days , if I use it liberally over my face and arms .
2. Stickiness – Slightly sticky feel, immediately on application lasting for 5 mins.


FINAL VERDICT – I rate it a 5/5 .I think it is a star performer at this price.I am re buying it definitely.

52 responses to “Sunprotek 50+ Gel Sunscreen Review”

  1. Sunscreen lotion is a must! I religiously apply it from face to all my body, especially when am going out. Even when am inside the office, I still wear sunscreen lotion onto my face because of strong blue lights from my screens.

  2. This looks great. It's a gel? It looks like the formula is nice and thick and works great. I'll have to give them a try. Thanks for the recco!

  3. I am always out in the sun and so making sure that my skin is protected is so important. I have not ever heard of these products before but they look worth a shot.

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