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In 2023, I first took up Blogchatter’s Reading Challenge to read more books and this year too I have urged myself to continue to challenge myself to read more books for #TBR2024. As part of the prompt I will share today my Reading Goals and Resolutions for 2024. BUt let me first answer a very imperative question.

Why take up  a Reading Challenge?

Arguably you might ask me why I need to join a Reading Challenge and not just pick any book at my pace and of my liking.Here are some facts that I observed after I took up the 2023 Reading Challenge and these helped me make up my mind to join the Blog wagon for 2024.

Giving the habit of Reading a new lease of life

With the advent of OTT, I had observed that my earlier habit of reading books had taken a back seat. I believe that reading and traveling are two things that enrich us a lot and give us a more wholesome view of the world and its people. The goal for 2023 was a very doable 7 books in a year but given my Father’s terminal illness I was sceptical that I would even be close that small target.Fortunately, I surpassed the reading goal of 7 books and ended up reading more than 25 books.How did that happen, you will learn further into this post.

A  big help to my Emotional Health

Luckily books in 2023 became my escape and also many of them helped me get through the tough parts of life, boosting my morale and giving me a more positive outlook.While some of them were detective stories that were highly engrossing others were philosophical and  spiritual that dealt with in depth studies of human emotions and misery and how to overcome them.

Exploring New Authors and Genres

After taking up a reading challenge , one is forced to comply with the reading prompts and that included listening to an audio book .The idea of listening to a book in someone else’s voice and at their pace was not something I was open to.To me reading was a very personal experience , where I could read as I wished, sitting in a corner by myself letting my imagination paint pictures. An Audio book challenged those very notions and broke some self imposed barriers.And yetI feel I would prefer this medium only for books that are factual or deal with philosophy. Rest I would still prefer to read only in the kindle or paper format.

Let me know how you feel about Audio books!

Furthermore as part of the #TBRChallenge I was introduced to more authors like Arunoday Singh (poetry),Tashan Mehta (Fantasy Fiction), Annie Ernaux ( Autobiographical Women’s literature ) etc. and I was glad that I read their works.

Improved Writing skills 

Understandably , the Reading challenge included writing about the books we read , book discussions and also reading the book reviews of fellow writers.Through reading the works of accomplished writers, I also learnt to write better book reviews and even got inspired to pen a small poem.

This reading exchange also exposed me to different new authors and I discovered some great books that might figure in my #TBRChallenge for 2024. Such a win-win situation!

Reading Goals and Resolutions for 2024

As explained in my previous post , I will not be taking any resolves on 2024 , but I would definitely have some goals that will include reading one book every month so a total of 12 books a year with the #TBRChallenge pushing us to explore different genres, different writing styles and interesting prompts , I look forward to this enriching and exciting journey

(“I’m participating in the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter)

” This post is also a part of the Bookish League blog hop hosted by Bohemian Bibliophile ”

Reading Challenge #TBRBlogchatter 2024

Books That I read for #TBRChallenge in 2023

1.A Few Right Thinking Men | Sulari Gentill | Book Review

2.Traitors Gate by Jeffrey Archer – The William Warwick series | Book Review

3.Saint Richard Parker by Merlin Franco | Book Review

4. Book review: Mad Sisters of Esi by Tashan Mehta

5.Unbroken:The Untold Story | Indrani Mukerjea | Book Review

6.A Little Life | Book Review | Hanya Yanagihara

7. The Ex Factor |Harini Srinivasan| Book Review

8. The Mysterious affair at Styles | Agatha Christie | Book Review

9. The Psychology of Money : Unraveling the Mystery Behind Our Financial Behaviors

10. Medical Maladies | Haris Qadeer | Book Review

11. The Great Indian Tamasha ; Adventures of A Wedding Planner by Rasika Bhatia

12. Cat Among the Pigeons by Agatha Christie

13. The Fire Ants Sting : Desire Diaries

14 Unsung : Poems by Arunoday Singh

15.Happening by Annie Ernaux : Book Review

16. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl


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