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Raise your VOICE for a CLEAN INDIA

I disagree with so many views expressed by the honourable P.M. Mr. Narendra Modi but I really admire the initiative taken by him for “Swachch Bharat “ or “Clean India “ campaign .I am going to quote another man I admire from history ,Mr. M.K. Gandhi . Gandhiji offered detailed comments in Navajivan dated 2-11-1919 on cleanliness and good habits and indicated its close relationship with good health: ". . . No one should spit or clean his nose on the streets... In some places spitting on the road is a criminal offence. Those who spit after chewing betel leaves and tobacco have no consideration for the feelings of others. Spittle, mucus from the nose, etc, should also be covered with earth. "Near the village or dwellings, there should be no ditches in which water can collect. Mosquitoes do not breed where water does not stagnate. Where there are no mosquitoes, the incidence of malaria is low. At one time, water used to collect around Delhi. After the hollows were filled, m

Touch me , touch my soul....

Me and Akash  had a love marriage .After a short whirlwind romance, we tied the knot.  Akash  had a well paying job and a promising career so it was mutually decided that I shall leave my job after marriage and spend more time with  Akash  . The first few months flew by like a dream.I would wait for  Akash  to come back home and then we would keep on chattinggoing over happenings of the day over steaming cups of tea.After dinner, we would go for strolls hand in hand or just cosy up to each other and watch movies together.On weekends we would go on long drives on our  bike or sometimes go to a short out of the city weekend trip. Those moments were  magical, every glance conveyed something ,every touch was electric . .. But things  started changing after the birth of our  child . Now my son - Arjun , was  my priority and  Akash  had  to  earn  more to meet our increasing expenses.He would often come home late  to a sulking and tired wife.I would grudgingly place his hi

Open Defaecation - Let's open up and talk about it

 "Grrrrrrrr " came the sound from Babli's belly as she sat clutching it hard with both her hands ." Maa,mujhe  phir jungle nana padega , "( Mom , I will have to go to defecate  again) she cried .They did not have a Latrine at home.Nobody in their village did .People made do with defaecating in nearby fields and grasslands . Babli's Mother made temporary arrangements for her to relieve herself on mounds of ash in a cast iron pot which would later be dumped in the fields . Every morning , Babli's Mother had to wake up at four a.m. before sunrise to answer the call of nature .The village women usually went in small groups for the sake of safety as cases of harassment and even rape were not uncommon in these belts .  So our eight year old  little Babli had to miss her school today and she missed it every time she came down with diarrhoea or dysentery which are very common in areas where people defecate in the open .Her parents had already deci

Garnier Skin Naturals Nourishing Cold Cream

As I disclosed earlier ,I am going to review an array of winter care products .I had always loved Nivea cold cream but just for novelty I tried something different and currently I am loving the Garnier Skin Naturals Nourishing Cold Cream .So here goes the review ...                       Price —₹ 145 /- for 40 gms Presentation – It comes in a green colored plastic jar with a white cap .It is lightweight and spill proof but dipping the fingers in every time feels a bit messy .     What it claims to be 1. 24 hours moisturisation 2. Prevents the skin from tightening 3. Protects from drying 4. Contains 100 % pure Acacia honey which gives it hydro- fixating properties . Cons of Garnier Skin Naturals Nourishing Cold Cream 1. Pricey ! 2. It does not hydrate for 24 hrs . 3. Very small tub , It should come in bigger sizes for 40gms will finish very soon. 4. At least for me , I need a good amount about 1cm round size for my hands alone and since it is thick in consist

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin clearing Facial Wash Review

Today I am going to share my experience with a best seller product from ' The Body Shop ', it is 'The Tea Tree skin clearing Facial wash ' .Read on to see whether it was suitable for my skin which is combination ( oily in some areas and dry in some ) with acne marks (blemishes) and acne prone skin .                                             Price  -It costs   ₹ 695 /- for 250 ml .Though it sounds expensive but since it has a thick consistency so very little is needed at a time and so one bottle can last upto two months or more very easily .Smaller bottles are also available .                                        The Product - It tis a thick fresh green coloured gel like product ,has a faint sharp Tea tree smell which I find pleasant .It has to be  applied on wet face , it lathers well but not too much and causes a cool tingly sensation because of the Tea tree and Menthol . What TBS says about Tea tree oil and community Fair trade which is its

Maybelline New York Baby Lips lip balm - Watermelon Smooth

'Hello friends Maybelline New York has launched a new Lip balm in the  ‘ Baby  Lips Lip balm ‘ category , it is called ‘ Watermelon Smooth ‘ .I came across this while at the cosmetics counter and it was  love at first sight  .It is packaged very attractively in bright green and pink hues .I am already very impressed with the quality of the previous ‘ Baby lips ‘range so I immediately bought this one .Let me now tell you how was my experience with this lip balm .... Price  – Rs 135 /- for 4  gms Presentation  – It comes in a twist up  fluorescent  pink  and green plastic tube  ,the pac kaging is similar to the previous ones just the  color  of the tube is different .                                       PROS of MNY baby lips Watermelon Smooth 1.   Contains  i mproved clinical Formula  with ‘ Centella  essence ‘  (   Indi an Pennywort  , herb which ha s   been used  since ancient  time s   for wound healing and other various skin disorders )   which re

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Mono Eye shadow - Permanent Khaki

I believe in  try and try until you cry ! And even though my threshold for crying is not that high yet I have been trying and trying to improve my eye make up skills .So I recently ordered a very popular eye shadow online , which is the  L'Oreal Paris Infallible Mono Eye shadow  in the shade  Permanent Khaki  . Price --Rs 500/- for 3.5 gms of product .I bought it from . Read on to see what was the staying power , texture and color pay off... Packaging --It comes packed  in a small cylindrical transparent  plastic jar with a twist open cap which displays the name of the shadow prominently .It is small and sturdy .No applicator is provided .No mirror too.      The PROS of L'Oreal Paris Infallible Mono Eye shadow in Permanent Khaki   Beautiful shade of color . Very soft texture ,no grittiness at all . Good color pay off, a little product is enough to give a wash of color . The pricing seems just right to me considering the amount an

What's inside My October 2014 Fab bag

Hi Girls ! It is that time of the month again (pun unintended) when excitement runs high and the Fabbag is about to arrive .So today's post is about the contents of my October 2014  Fabbag. So here is a glimpse of the goodies in my Fabbag .... 1. The Sea Soul   HD Finish CC cream ( Rs. 650 ) It comes in two variants -medium and light .It is for those who may not know ,a colour correcting cream that reduces the appearance of redness ,sallowness ,moisturises the skin and protects from the sun and ageing because it has SPF 20 .  I received the medium shade and it blends beautifully , gives medium coverage and brightens the skin too .Another great plus point is that it has the goodness of Dead Sea products that are known since the time of Cleopatra for its  replenishing mineral rich salts .                                 2. Just Herbs 6 step Organic Skin care   kit ( Rs 595/- ) My skin is combination ,so I got the Ki

Nivea Body Lotion - Express Hydration

Finally ,winter seems to be coming to Delhi .There is that early morning nip in the air and one does need to reach out for the moisturiser more so often .Talking of winter and cold creams  I have to say that I love Nivea products .For years I have been using Nivea cold cream for winters and I can swear by it .                                    Today I am going to review a new product from Nivea - Nivea body lotion for normal skin . Price - Rs 265/-  for 400 ml , very pocket friendly and will last me a long time . The Product - It comes in a white plastic bottle with a dispensing pump .Dispensing pumps are very convenient for me but at the same time can lead to some product remaining unused at the bottom .Well if the product is not expensive ,I can overlook this little wastage .                                     Coming to the lotion itself , it is a creamy white lotion but not runny .It claims to be fast absorbing which I found to be quite true .