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The new Micromax Canvas Tab P666 - a visual treat

Hi Friends Today I am writing a post for the Indiblogger HH contest by Micromax canvas tab P666 .It is a contest about how this particular gadget can help in rediscovering a long lost passion within you . Image source:Flipkart Other than reading , watching movies was a passion for me before I had kids .Earlier budget constraints of a student life forbade us friends from watching every release also there were studies to attend to , what with strict parents and a competitive world around .But once I started working and got married there was no stopping my love for movies .Old or new ,even B grades movies were watched by me all the time .If not in the theatre ,then on cable T.V. Then once I had kids , I could not afford to spend that much time leaving my child behind ,noe could I afford the irritation of fellow movie goers by taking my toddler along for watching a movie .So gradually I started avoiding going out to watch movies .It was You tube or CDs bought or borrowed from

My reason for wanting to visit the Most Livable city in the world -Melbourne

I was introduced to Melbourne through the T.V.Series "Masterchef Australia ." I have always been  a self confessed  foodie and ever since the Masterchef Australia series launched in India , I was hooked to this show .Through this show I discovered not just the various kinds of cuisines that exist in this world but also how a single city ,Melbourne, nestles in its heart so many varied cultures and nurtures them to the extent that they become a name to reckon with  and carve a niche for themselves .                                                                                                                       The God  of Greek Cooking and my personal favorite the gregarious George Calombaris ,who owns five restaurants in Melbourne itself ,including  his flagship Melbourne restaurant, the award winning "The Press Club."His now famous motto   "Food is Family, Family is Life, Life is Everything" is like a food anthem in itself .Wher


The alarm screeched loudly at his bedside ,Sarthak extended one arm to press the alarm button off , but he could not sleep anymore and woke up .His eyes were red , his hair was in disarray just like his clothes and he had not shaved for days  . Today was ,what could have been the most important day of his life .He had cleared his Civil services exams with flying colours and today he was supposed to appear for his final interview . It had always been his father’s dream to see his son as a civil servant .His father had been a school teacher ,his role model ,the complete man.His father not just taught him to study but also the values of life .His father had always lived simply and was well known in the locality as “Master ji”.He taught everyone who was interested , free of cost .Sarthak’s father believed that imparting education was an act of service to humanity that would make a huge social impact and change generations to come .He was a humble farmer’s son , he had seen farmers co

Lakmé Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse review

While checking out the new creaseless lipsticks at the Lakmé counter at Lifestyle , I stumbled upon what the SA called a " three -in-one " foundation , actually a soufflé .About the creaseless lipsticks , there was none suitable for my pigmented lips , there were a few brownish shades but they had too much glitter which does not suit my already prominent lips .There were a few coral type colours but would not have looked good on pigmented lips .So highly disappointed with Lakmé for not having enough shades for dusky beauties :(                        O.K. Now coming to the Lakmé Absolute Mattreal skin natural Mousse , it  promises to be something which saves time as you do not need a separate concealer ,foundation and compact .Just apply on moisturised face and your make up base is ready . At least that was what I was promised .                           Price- Rs 700/- for 25 gms                     PROS of  Lakmé Absolute Mattreal skin natural Mousse in Honey Beige 1. Eas

Truth , a bitter Pill -- difficult to take but it HEALS you

         Young age is a funny age .You are carefree and give no heed to what others tell you to do.You want to take risks and see what happens then.         So it happened when I was young , just out of school .I had been a bright and disciplined young girl in school always abiding by rules .My teachers had loved me for being a sincere and earnest student .          College, on the other hand was a completely different world to me .Here there was no one to check your uniform .You could wear what you wished .Girls could wear small skirts and let their hair loose .Nobody took you seriously and neither expected you to be serious .I soon formed my own small gang of girls .     There were four of us and out of this lot ,Ruby was the most adventurous and outgoing .She was the daughter of a bureaucrat and hardly gave a damn to anything .I was half-perplexed and half in awe of her. So one day when Ruby proposed that all four of us bunk our class to go for a movie,I was scared and at th

Mont Blanc Legend Eau de Toilette for Men Review

Once I had gifted a Men's Fabbag to my Husband for his Birthday and he loved the "Mont Blanc Legend Eau de Toilette for Men " that was in it .I liked it too , so this year I gifted him a full bottle of this perfume .I am writing a review as perfume is a great gifting idea and I hope this review will help others in making a choice . So here it goes .... Price -- Rs 3849/ - for 150 ml  at  Flipkart  .I got it at 25% discount ! (Rs 4950 for 100 ml at other websites).  Flipkart was offering the most competitive price and of course its service is now as they say "legend-ary".                                                                                               PROS of Mont Blanc Legend Eau de Toilette for Men 1.Easily available online and at malls . 2. If you like simplicity then you would like the grey and black ,steel and glass bottle ."The bottle is  inspired by sleek yet defined curves of the   Meisterstuck Pen Des

Lotus Herbals Seduction Lip contour definer - 52 Red Fire

With Christmas and New Year coming round the corner ,my stash of lipsticks is overflowing with the color red.So I was on the lookout for a lip liner in red .I came across this lip contour definer at Lotus Herbals .It is called  Lotus Herbals lip contour definer in Red Fire , shade number 52 . Price - Rs 245/-  for 1.2 gms PROS of Lotus Herbals Seduction  Lip contour definer  52 Red Fire 1. The packaging is convenient and sturdy for travel 2.  Twist up plastic tube , with a cap ,so ease of application 3.  Built- in sharpener at the other end so no need to carry extra sharpener in case of breakage 4.  Easily available online and at Lotus Herbals outlets 5. Water- proof  6. Enriched with botanical extracts and vitamin E  7. Available in six shades - Choco Fudge , Mocha Blast , Pink Berry , Poppy Plum , Red Fire and       Ruby desire . 8. Nice shade of red with brown undertones so can be worn with red, brown and burgundy shades  of  lip colour . 9. Sta

Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life

          My father was an Army man so naturally my parameters of judging a man started right from his crown.The way his hair was parted down ,to a clean shaven face and further down to crisp ,well ironed clothes  and shiny well- polished shoes.In short , grooming was very important in our family.               I met Keshav through mutual friends .He was a tall ,brown lanky man with a devil may care attitude and was studying Journalism at that time .All of us were seated at a Chai-shop and he was  passionately talking about certain issues at that moment when I noticed him.He was wearing an old pair of jeans ,torn at places over a rugged khadi kurta and well worn chappals .He had a mop of wavy hair and a full grown beard . Keshav looked like a Sadhu from Himalayas lost in the city .          We met a few more times ,courtesy our common friends .On one such occasion , when we were lounging at a common friend's place ,Keshav popped the question ,"I do not believe in beating

How to plan your Travel with Kids

I love to travel and explore new places but since I had kids , a few things  have become  very important  while planning a getaway holiday.Today I am going to share some of the tips that I have gained from my good and bad experiences while travelling with the apple of my eyes .I hope they make your vacations an unforgettable experience . So for me ,the first and foremost thing is First Aid . I make sure that I carry a small box of first aid kit with me ,It generally contains medicines for fever , some anti -allergics ,a few painkillers and some medicines for vomiting and diarrhoea ,a few Band-Aids , a broad spectrum antibiotic tube and I am ready . The second most important thing is food .When I was single I was very cautious about what I had when travelling, but after marriage I became little experimentative in my food ventures .But with children I have reverted to my old self  once again. So  fresh and hygienic food is very important .Healthy children are also the most happy c

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm in '' Fierce n Tangy '' review

Hi Girls ( and Boys too) ! All the major brands are joining the tinted lip balm rush .Maybelline New York (MNY) has also launched further new lip balms in the " Electro Pop Range ".They are available in in 4 different variants -  Fierce N Tangy, Pink Shock , Berry Bomb and Oh! Orange. Fierce n Tangy " Electro Pop Lip balm  is a colourless lip balm while the rest three are colored one. Today I am going to review "Fierce n Tangy " Electro Lip Balm for you .I chose it because it is relatively colorless . Price   - Rs 135 for 3.5 gms ,available easily online and offline too . The colored variants are priced higher at Rs 165 per tube .                                                     PROS of  Fierce 'n' Tangy Electro Pop Lip Balm 1. Convenient Lipstick like twist up tube packaging 2. Easily available everywhere 3. Pocket friendly price 4. Slight tint of transparent color and sheen 5. Attractive Neon packaging 6.

To Escape your FEAR you have to GO THROUGH IT not around it

                      The title of my blog is actually a quote from Richie Norton . The Mountain Dew video says it all " Dar ke Age Jeet Hai (Victory awaits the one who overcomes fear ). " Today's blog post is about how I overcame my fear . Every person has his or her own set of fears and facing those fears is what makes us stronger .I too have had fears  and still harbor many more . Apart from fear of dogs , heights, deep water and claustrophobia ,the one fear that affected me the most in my life was my fear of public speaking . I had always been a bright student but the moment our teacher would put a question to the class ,even though I knew the answer very well still I would try to shrink and slink away so that the teacher would not ask me to stand up and answer the question .The very thought of standing up and speaking out loud in front of the whole class would make me tremble .God forbid , if the teacher did single me out to stand up and answer in front


Hello friends ! The weather is now lovely with a slight morning nip in the air .Winter has its own set of beauty and skin care issues .The hair and skin get dry and rough , I have already talked earlier about various skin care solutions for winters ,so today I will tell about a great hair care solution I recently discovered through my  Fabbag .                                                                     About   KAMA AYURVEDA INTENSIVE HAIR TREATMENT BRINGADI OIL                                                                Recommended in the ancient Sabasrayogam Ayurveda text for lush and healthy hair. It thickens hair while adding body and shine. Removes loose dandruff flakes. Naturally conditioning. The secret of luxuriant, glossy hair. This combination of herbs, processed in pure sesame oil and milk, includes indigo (neeli), eclipta alba and goosberry, said in Ayurveda to promote hair growth.  Balloon vine  helps to maintain a hea

Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom Lip Balm Peach Blossom Review

I recently have hauled in so many winter lotions , creams and lip balms in preparation for winters that my next few posts will probably all be about them .I hope you find them informative and helpful . So today I am going to review Maybelline New York Lip Smooth Color Bloom Lip Balm in Peach blossom.I like the name , almost poetic ! It is also available in another variant , Pink blossom which is more pinkish in tint . Price – Rs 125/- for 1.7 gms . I got it for Rs 99/- on a discount online . Packaging – It comes in a deep Coral pink colored slim, plastic twist - up tube .I like the packaging , it is attractive and functional . PROS of Maybelline New York Lip Smooth Color Bloom Lip Balm Peach blossom 1. Very convenient to carry and apply .Just open , twist and use . 2. Adds a nice peachy pink color to the lips besides giving moisture . 3. Looks colorless in the bullet but gives color on application .Abracadabra ...and Magic ! 4. SPF 16

Lotus Herbals AlmondNourish daily Nourishing Body Lotion SPF 20

Hi Friends Today I bring to you another  review in my winter care series .This is the Lotus Herbals AlmondNourish daily Nourishing Body Lotion with SPF 20  for normal to combination skin .                                         Read on to see how good was this in my opinion .... Price-Rs 275 for 300 ml.You can buy it at Myntra , at Amazon , and Flipcart .                                     PROS of  Lotus herbals AlmondNourish daily Nourishing Body Lotion SPF 20 1. Pump dispenser - no shaking and scraping 2. Pocket friendly 3 .SPF 20 so more skin protection medium consistency , neither watery nor too thick 4. Suitable for normal to combination skin 5. Moisturizes 6. Not tested on animals                                       CONS of  Lotus Herbals AlmondNourish daily Nourishing Body Lotion SPF 20  1. Contains Parabens ( read more about Parabens - here  ) 2. Takes time to get absorbed  ,about half a minute of rubbing it in is needed ,feels sli

Pre-Marital Sex --Aye or Nay

I am no fan of casual sex ,either before or after marriage . I also have nothing against Pre-marital sex but here I would like to write about the reasons why  it is still a big taboo in our Indian middle class society . For some it could be the desire to save themselves for their marriages  including both genders and I respect that .Sex is the highest level of intimacy and it is natural to invite the most special person in your life to that intimacy .The inhibitions can be shed only in front of the person who you think cares most about you , who would not judge you or be harsh to you , some one you trust completely . But at the same time what if that trust is broken ,it may break their heart and soul . So if you do  meet such a special  person would you still like to wait till marriage to reach that level of complete surrender .You would not wait , if you trust your instincts about that person and the person herself or himself completely .But if the person is not right you woul

Safe driving - Sane Driving

First of all , the scary facts ... Being a Delhite ,I will talk about Delhi facts and figures here for the sake of convenience and relevance too. Delhi roads are the most dangerous roads across the country as judged by road accident figures. From the year 2008 to 2013 about 12,300 people died in road accidents in Delhi. In the year 2013 alone 1,820 people lost their lives in road accidents . Delhi alone had 7,566 road accidents in 2013. Every day on an average 5 persons do not return home because they die on the roads of Delhi .Out of these 5 people dying daily , 4 are either pedestrians or two wheeler drivers and the rest are four wheeler drivers. Mumbai had 25,000 cases of road accidents in 2013 and 500 deaths in road accidents ,wheres Delhi had 7,566 road accidents and 1,820 deaths due to them . Now that the gravity of the problem is in front of us ,we can shift our attention to how best to tackle this problem. The following are my hum